Law Student [or] Quintessential Beggar

Lately, all I’ve been doing, apart from shouting to the Lord ten times a day begging for a ‘sign’ (or a job) is sending across applications. About twenty of them. About thirty of them. Actually, stopped counting after the eightieth one. But, the feeling of being a sophisticated beggar has hit me more often than not and I felt like writing about it. Even comparing lifestyles.

Yes, yes, I love Banking. No, that ‘D+’ is a mere lapse of judgment on the examiner’s part (or mine, in taking the course). No, of course I’m willing to try Litigation (Id’ rather kill myself).20,000/- per month? Such a luxury, yes, sign me up (or gift me a rope and a low stool). You want me to answer some questions? oh, the pleasure! (Why I want this? ’cause no one wants me). Higher Knowledge, you said? YES! 😀 (there goes another ten days of sleep-deprivation). Shortlisted? Fingers crossed! xD (Moving on to the next firm). Under review? Thank god! (Moving on to the next firm). Capacity constraints? I understand. (Because I am totally not willing to place my laptop in the washroom and work from there. Haha JK, I am). But, my favoritestest. Slots are full? My condolences. I’ll be sure to apply for the next internship breaks. (Or never. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t take me if I dressed up in a Tutu and jumped through a Hoola Hoop, on fire.)

Tell you something about myself? Yes. Tricky, this. I beg more artfully than most of the other beggars in town. So, take me, dear god. I offer thee my shiniest beggar bowl.



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